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ICL Hammer 5ltr

ICL Hammer 5ltr

ICL Hammer 5ltr   MAPP No: 16498

From the 26th November 2015 anyone who purchases pesticides, (weedkillers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides & rodenticides), authorised for Professional use, must ensure that the intended end user holds the relevant and specific Pesticide Application Units. This is to ensure that they comply with section 9 (5) of The Plant Protection (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012.

Pesticides approved  for professional use by MAPP ( Ministry Approved Pesticide Product) and listed on the CRD (Chemicals Regulation Direcorate) website must only be used by holders of the Pesticide Application Units applicable to the method they are intending to apply the treatment by. This is to ensure compliance with section 8 (1) The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012, Part 3 of The Food and Environmental Protection Act 1985 and related codes of practice.

Information on where to obtain the applicable Pesticide Application Units can be found by contacting City and Guilds on 0247 6857300 or by emailing information

We accept no liabilty whatsover for any injury or damage to persons, property or environment where a product purchased from us is applied by a person without the applicable Pesticide Application Unit and/or not in accordance with the product label, products Safety Data Sheet or other instructions supplied with the product. 


Using an innovative combination of two active ingredients, (Glyphosate & Pyraflufen-ethyl), that target weeds in different ways, Everris developed Hammer, a total herbicide that gives you effective weed control you need, with visible results in just 24 hours.

Because these two active ingedients work so well together, and are rainfast within six hours of application, fewer active ingredients need to be applied to the same area to get great results.

Effective against Chickweed, Mayweed, Fat Hen, Common Field Speedwell, Shepherds Purse, Field Forget-me-not, Black Nightshade, Redshank, Red-Dead-Nettle, Groundsel, Cleavers, Charlock, Common Couch, Creeping Bent, Perennial Ryegrass, Creeping Thistle, Broadleaved Dock, Perenial Nettle, Rosebay Willowherb, Bramble and Bracken.

Best used between April-September when pennial weeds are fully emerged and actively growing.

The manufacturer recommends that you leave a minium of five weeks before re-planting.



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