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Empathy Rootgrow Basket Starter 12 Biscuits

Empathy Rootgrow  Basket Starter 12 Biscuits

Plantworks Empathy Basket Starter 12 Biscuits

The ultimate product that contains the 5 key elements for having successful hanging baskets:-

1) Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi

2) Water retaining crystals

3) Up to 4 months nutrients

4) Bio-additives

5) Beneficial bacteria

When watered, the Basket Starter biscuit will swell up to 5 times its original size.

All the beneficial microbes will start to grow,  

Application rate:-

1 biscuit to 3 litres of compost

2 biscuits to 7 litres of compost

4 biscuits to 15 litres of compost.


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10+ £0.16 Per Unit

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