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ICL Osmocote Pro Slow Release Fertilisers 25kg

ICL Osmocote Pro Slow Release Fertilisers 25kg

ICL Osmocote Pro  Slow Release Fertilisers 25kg

Osmocote Pro belongs to the 2nd generation coated fertilizers.

Longevity and analysis are guaranteed.

The release of nutrients during the longevity can vary within certian limits.

Osmocote Pro contains NPK and a full range of trace elements.

ICL Specialist Fertilisers coated fertilizers consists of fine NPK granules and contain, depending on the product, trace elements and added magnesium.

All these elements are essential to plant growth. Every granule is covered with an organic, semi permeable coating of biodegradable resin made from vegetable oils.

After application of Osmocote, water penetrates through semi-permeable coating and starts to dissolve the nutients present in the granule.

The release of nutrients starts once they have been partially dissolved.

 Osmocote 5-6 Months
 Osmocote 8-9 Months
 Osmocote 12-14 Months


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