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Elliott's High Nitogen Flower & Vegetable Fertiliser 25kg

Elliott's High Nitogen Flower & Vegetable Fertiliser 25kg

Thomas Elliotts High Nitrogen Flower & Vegetable Fertiliser 25kg

A high nitrogen, extended relaese, formulation that is ideal for all containerised nursery stock and field grown tree and shrub stock. It can be used as a base and top dressing.

When used in tree and shrub planting HNFV can be added to the backfill to meet the full nitrogen requirements of the plant and promote healthy root development and successful establishment.

When used with nursery stock, HNFV provides top quality overall growth rather than just spectacular leader growth which is the case with some fertilisers.

Because the nitrogen is from a variety of sources, nutrients are released in phases. Extra iron in the formulation is particularly beneficial to ericaceous plants and the organic content increases humus and bacterial levels in growing media.

NPK: 10:7.5:10.2+TE

Note: This product could be supplied in Gro-Well branded packaging.



Size Qty Discount
Single 10+ £1.25 Per Unit