Retail Fungicide Update For 2015

January 6th, 2016

The 2016 growing season will see a major change in the retail fungicides that are available to the amateur edible garden grower.

Gardeners that relied on tried and tested products manufactured by Bayer, Vitax and others are going to have to re-think how they protect their edible produce from fungal disease attack.

Three of the best selling fungicides on the retail market, manufactured by Bayer, have now either been removed from the market or  have been reformulated and branded.

Bayer’s Fruit & Vegetable disease control was removed from sale at the end of November 2014. This product was effective against potato and tomato blight alongside peach curl and  apple, plum, pear and cherry canker.  According to a Bayer Representative, they are working on a replacement for this product but it is unlikely to appear this season. If this situation changes, we will let you know.

Bayer’s Systhane Fungus Fighter  and Bayer’s Fungus Fighter Disease Control RTU have been re-formulated. The active ingredients in these products have been changed.

They have been re-launced under the brand names Bayer Fungus Fighter Plus and Fungus Fighter Concentrate. The big change is that these new products can only be used on house plants and ornamental plants only.

Vitax’s famous Bordeaux Mix has been temporarily withdrawn from sale pending the products licence being renewed. According to Vitax, there has been further administrative delay in the reissuing of the licence but this is still hoped to be resolved within the next six months.



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